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How To Improve Energy Efficiency For Your Business In 2023

For any business, improving energy efficiency is not only beneficial for the business and its finances but for the wider impact, they make on the environment. 


We’re all cautious of our own contributions to carbon emissions, which means many customers are driven to purchase when the business has strong leadership in cutting carbon and offsetting their carbon where possible.


If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your business in 2023, there are plenty of ways in which to do this. From replacing outdated and old equipment to using more unique methods of reducing carbon emissions, here are some tips to improve energy efficiency this year.


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Run an energy consumption business audit 

Be aware of how much energy you’re consuming as a business this year. It’s important to run an energy consumption business audit where possible to identify where you’re wasting energy and where you could be saving a lot more as a result of a few changes to your business operations.


An energy consumption business audit could be done by yourself or you could always outsource this in order to get a more detailed list of fixes that need to be made.


Once you’ve got an idea of where your business is wasting energy and where it’s saving it, you’ll be able to put in actionable changes to improve your carbon emissions further in 2023.

Use a commercial window tinting company

A great and unique way to help with carbon emissions and wastage of carbon is by installing window tinting on all of your property windows. This is a great way to help lock in the heat you’re generating during the day, whether that’s natural heat from the sunlight or from your heating system.


This not only saves a ton of money for your business when it comes to your utility costs but you’re likely to put on the heating a lot less during the cooler months. Using a commercial window tinting company is well worth the investment if you’re trying to improve energy usage in your business.

Replace any old machinery

Machinery is something that can suck up a lot of your energy consumption, especially as over time, brand-new machinery can be less efficient in its performance. When the machinery itself has slowed down, keeps breaking down, or uses a lot more energy than normal, then it’s definitely worth replacing any old machinery.


Replacing old machinery will help keep your staff happy, who may be responsible for using it on a daily basis and it will also keep your running costs down. It’s a worthwhile investment that can help improve your contributions to the carbon footprint you currently have as a business.

Upgrade lighting with energy-efficient replacements

Lighting is something to be aware of, especially as it contributes to your carbon footprint. Not all lighting needs to be on at all times yet it’s a habit that both domestic and commercial premises can be a culprit of.


A good way to improve your lighting efforts and reduce the contributions it makes to your energy bills, consider having lights that are on a timer. That way, they go off after so long if there’s no one in the room triggering them.


You might also want to replace any lights with more energy-efficient models. 

Consider adding solar panels to your business property

Solar panels never used to be as popular as they are now. The likely reason why is that it was a lot of expense and investment to have them installed on your property. Not only that but every business or building would be different in how many solar panels would be required, adding more to the cost of the investment.


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However, since its growth in popularity over the years as a renewable energy source, a lot more people and businesses are embracing it and adding them to their homes.


Consider adding solar panels to your business property because you could make some massive savings when it comes to your bank balance and reducing carbon emissions. Once you’ve made back the investment from all the reduced energy bills you have, you’ll then be profiting off the free energy that solar panels deliver!

Try to reduce business waste where possible

Finally, when it comes to your business, try to reduce business waste where you can. From how you recycle your daily waste, to reducing your stock creation to ensure less of that stock gets wasted. It’s all contributing to your carbon footprint, so the less waste you have, the better.


Hopefully, with these tips in place, you'll definitely improve your carbon emissions in 2023.