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Is This Why Your Business Is Losing Clients?

Do you run temperature checks on your business model? Do you check whether you are retaining your client numbers? You should because there’s a possibility that a certain number are slipping through the cracks. It’s possible that the contracts have ended or they might have moved away from your business in favour of the competition. What’s going wrong here? Well, here are some of the possible problems that you might be facing. 


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The Wrong Building 

If you run your business from a brick and mortar location you do need to think about the property itself. We promise that your clients are paying attention to this. B2B clients want to work with businesses that are at the top of their game and the pinnacle of the sector. This means that you need to think about issues such as maintenance. If there are clogged drains on your property, then contact a commercial plumbing service immediately. The stench is sure to be enough to lead to you losing some clients. You might also want to think about cleaning up the windows and even upgrading the tech. Anything that makes your business seem more modern is certainly worth considering. 

The Worst Website 

If you ran a survey to find out the opinion clients had of your business website, you’d probably be quite surprised. A lot of them likely have severe issues with your business website, that they would most likely want to be corrected. For instance, business clients want to make sure that a site loads in no more than three seconds. They will also be checking whether your site looks well funded. If your site looks like it has been made on the cheap, they might question whether you can provide the quality that they are searching for. Remember, B2B clients always want the absolute best service for their business. 


Similar to general consumers, security is always going to be a top concern for the typical business owner. They want to make sure that their assets, their data and their customers are going to be protected. This means that they are not going to stick with a company that has a poor record on security. If you do suffer from a hack a lot of clients aren’t going to forgive you or give you another chance. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you are investing in the best security from day one. 

No Value 

Finally, you need to be aware that clients always want value. This extends beyond the product or service that you are providing. They want a constant level of engagement with your business. Value can come through the information that you provide or potentially the additional support you deliver. If you model yourself and your business as a thought leader, you will always have clients returning to your company

We hope this helps you understand some of the possible key reasons why your business might be losing a lot of clients. Remember, it’s important to ensure that you are fixing these issues to get your company back on track and build up a solid base of clients that you can rely on in the future.