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Bobbie Antinarelli Takes A Coach Approach To Consultative Sales Training


"Let me introduce myself......
With a desire to make a difference in my work, I started my career as a teacher, trainer and consultant in education. Transitioning into healthcare sales, I found success and satisfaction helping companies introduce new products and solutions which contributed to increased health and wellbeing and a more effective, efficient healthcare delivery system. 

Throughout my career, it became increasingly apparent that sales training wasn’t part of onboarding.  My active, ongoing participation in a consultative sales training group provided the structure and skills I needed.  As a lifelong learner, I enhanced my counseling psychology and sales background with training as a health coach. Benefitting from common thread communication and listening elements, I integrated all of my learning into a 5-step consultative sales process that has guided my sales endeavors.  It forms the foundation of the OpenDoor coach approach.

I’m excited to come full circle and teach others my 5-step OpenDoor sales process.  My goal is to train and coach individuals to prospect with purpose; sell with confidence and close business – within a collaborative atmosphere that fosters practice and mastery. I’m committed to a strong value proposition for my services that results in revenue growth for each company and an increase in closed deals for its individual team members.  

Reach out to schedule a complimentary discovery discussion to explore how I may help you to increase sales productivity, confidence and effectiveness that drives increased revenue.  Thank you." 

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