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Roberta McCollum Offer the Personal Service That other Firms Have Forgotten

At Ardito, Toscano & McCollum P.C. C.P.A. they have built their success on one simple idea: Their clients deserve a rewarding relationship with their accounting firm.

"We believe that our success is due to our unique philosophy. We begin and end by treating each client as a unique relationship to be fostered with warmth, professionalism, and dedication. We have stayed true to our corporate methodology by focusing on small to medium sized businesses. Supporting our community by supporting our clientss has always been integral to our mission. As part of that support, we believe in doing business differently than the large accounting firms. When we say differently, we do not mean that we offer fewer services...instead, we offer the personal service that all our clients deserve and that the larger accounting firms have forgotten."

Roberta McCollum is currently Senior Vice-President of Ardito, Toscano & McCollum, PC CPA, a professional corporation licensed in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to practice accounting. Since joining the firm in 1984, she has been involved with all aspects of business and tax planning for closely held companies. Ms. McCollum has extensive experience with companies in the manufacturing, retail and recycling industries. In addition, she has been instrumental in completing numerous merger and acquisition engagements. 

Roberta and her Partners believe in sitting down with their clients to give them friendly access to the firms decision makers...They provide  clients with a positive accounting experience that is difficult to duplicate in todays mega-accounting firms. Clients benefit from direct access to the partners and staff...all of which help their operations grow, expand and create more opportunities.

For information on how Ardito, Toscano & McCollum can help your business and increase your profitability please contact Roberta. 

Tel. 978-688-2880 | http://www.atm-cpa.com | 40 Bayfield Drive North Andover, MA 01845