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The Three IT Services Every Business Needs

Picture by Glen Carstens-Peters from Unsplash - CC0 Licence


IT is a necessary component for all businesses. Whether keeping financial records online. Adding clients to the CRM system or using the internet to research new suppliers for your business. IT, when used correctly, and tailored to the business's needs, provides a multitude of benefits for the CEO, such as increased productivity at work, and reduced downtime during a disaster.


To simplify the most fundamental, IT services businesses here are three that will ensure your business intel is protected and preserved. 

IT Assessment 

Startups and established businesses alike can benefit from IT upgrades. But before selecting the latest technology, it's wise to instruct a managed IT service company such as those based at clearfuze.com to assess your existing technological processes. In doing so, an IT provider shall be able to pinpoint areas of the business that could most benefit from changing. Problems which could be a cause for concern are, inadequate security to prevent a data breach. Or employees who have inadequate training, which increases the potential for a mistake with the IT system to occur. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from a self-employed individual, to large corporations. Cloud computing enables its users to store their companies data up and away from their workspace. This is advantageous to businesses for the below reasons;


1) The best example to use is the pandemic, which has caused numerous businesses to close and their employees to work from home. Cloud computing, as detailed by Forbes, is the backbone to remote working. With the data in the cloud, updated in real-time, there's no concern of inconsistent information being saved by different employees either.

2) If your office of PCs with volumes of data stored on them were damaged or stolen. The cloud ensures you can get your business back up and running as your company data will be accessible online from any device.

Data Security

All companies who use IT would benefit from investing in data security software to safeguard their company's information. A business's data is their most prized possession. If it were accessed via cyberattack, deleted, or destroyed, it would ruin the reputation of a business and cost the company a lot of money; because they would likely suffer from downtime until the data was restored.


To ensure you gain the best protection for your company's data online, it's crucial to invest in an IT company who can defend your online intel 24/7, and install and ensure all antivirus software is up to date. Managed IT services are also capable of adding additional layers of security to business accounts. Which is particularly important for staff who are working remotely, to ensure someone doesn't gain access to their account. 

The three components mentioned above are preventative measures that protect computer equipment from being compromised, and the data destroyed. Which means business owners don't need to concern themselves with worrying about overcoming downtime, or whether a criminal in the virtual or real word is going to steal their data. Data security and cloud computing together, are an essential package for businesses to use to keep data safe, and their business going, should the worst happen.