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Jennifer Yousem of I HEART EBITDA offers Fractional CFO Services

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Using Independent Contractors, Part 2: Avoiding Regulatory Pitfalls (Warning: Rules Changed This Year!)

Thinking about your workforce as we head into 2024? Of course you are! A company’s biggest expense, other than rent, is usually their employees, so as you’re thinking about that expense for the new…

Their Back – Time to Check-in

by Tom O'Hare | Dec 21, 2023 

The first semester of the new college school year is in the books. Finals are over, grades will be posted, and for many students they will learn how their transition to college life is progressing. It’s time for the Christmas break!

Christmas is a beautiful time. It is a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate the holiday spirit. For new first-year college students, the break is a vital time to relax, refuel, and re-energize. For many, this first significant break is a time to question their…

Industries Predicted to Thrive in 2024



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Whether you are thinking of starting a new business or investing in one, you must look ahead at the trends and consumer behaviours, so you can determine what the right investment is for you. You will likely spend a lot of time and money on your business venture or…

How To Impress A New Client 


Gaining new clients when you run a B2B service business is crucial. No matter what it is you do, without a constant flow of new clients, you’re not going to be doing it for long. You might be fantastic at finding prospects, and you might be brilliant at turning prospects into clients, but if you’re not so great at keeping hold of them and ensuring they accept your quotes and spread the good word about your business, it’s all going to fall apart. 


One of the key ways to ensure your new clients become regular clients is to…

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Businesses need to be continually evaluating what they are doing, their trajectory, and what the future holds for them. Sadly, not all companies can carry on as they are and expect the same level of success they currently have. Changes in industries, consumer habits and the evolution of technology mean that all businesses, even…

Did you send Santa your List? Ho Ho Ho – of course, you did! 
Spoiler Alert - Santa only keeps one – there is no naughty list. I have been twisting and turning every year since I was a little boy, trying to stay on Santa's Good List. Now I learn from one of his loose lip Elves there is only one. Yes!
Recently, I talked with Santa in the mall. He confirmed he worries about all children, how they're doing in school, and the stress…

This group coaching for scattered entrepreneurs takes place on the first Monday of each month (although there are some exceptions) from 12pm to 1pm EST and is FREE!  

Instead of our January coaching, Carol will be hosting RECLAIM 2024: Be a confident and successful business owner despite world and inner chaos - a paid workshop

Reach your dream, your desire, your business and life goals in 2024 without feeling like you're killing yourself slowly.

What you'll learn:

Undo the overwhelm of getting it all done "now" Avoid the…

As a professional in the dental healthcare industry, the best dental work in the world won’t necessarily mean your practice will be thriving. Although the dental procedure is the only metric most practices value, the overall patient experience will be more important in the long run. Having a seamless patient experience will do much more than simply satisfy clients, it will ensure you have the ability of building a loyal and trusted client base. It’s easy to say let’s improve our patient experience, but what does that really mean, and what steps should you take to start making a lasting…

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When you run a business it's more than just about the bottom line. Yes, you want to make a profit but it's a good idea to align yourself charitably with the community that you have your business in. 


You can start with your immediate environment and then branch out if you so choose. It's never a…