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David Dupuy

Senior Health Insurance Advisors
David Dupuy

12 Harding St.
Lakeville , MA 02347
United States

Medicare Advisor

We Simplify MediCare!

First, you should know that everything you need to know about MediCareMediCare SupplementsMediGap, and all of the MediCare Add-Ons is available at https://www.medicare.gov. However … we think that tidbit is NOT helpful … because if you wanted to learn all the intricacies of MediCare and figure everything out on your own, you wouldn’t be interested in contacting us. However, if you want a brief overview … Click Here.

Our goal is simple … we want to walk you through each step of the process ensuring that you have the most complete and correct plan you can.

Frankly, most people don’t even know where (or when!) to start … and that’s OK … that’s exactly why we exist. We are a service based organization first. That’s why we say we “Help guide you through the intricacies of Medicare“! Contact Us to see exactly how we can help!