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Bobbie Antinarelli

OpenDoor Sales Training & Coaching
Bobbie Antinarelli
Sales Training & Coaching

As an onsite or virtual member of the sales team, I implement / strengthen sales structure and process - training sales (and those that support them) in the 5-step OpenDoor Consultative Sales Process. Working in start-up companies and organizations with new and growing sales teams, I help to create a common sales language which fosters a sales -oriented culture. Working in organizations, academia, and healthcare/ insurance, learning activities are customized for all participants with one on one coaching provided to foster confidence and mastery.

Work with me on a project and/or retainer basis.

Reach out to schedule a confidential discovery discussion with your team to assess needs and determine a potential next step. 

List of Services:

  • Sales Essentials Program

    Initiate 5-Step OpenDoor Consultative Sales Process to Build Structure

  • Sales Enhancement Program

    Integrate 5-Step OpenDoor Consultative Sales Training in Current Culture

  • Purposeful Prospecting Program

    Prepare sales teams to prospect proactively - building and sustaining a healthy pipeline

  • Customized Sales Partnership Program

    Retainer-based partnership or resident coach program with a bundled, tailored solution that may include some or all of the above solutions.