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Scott Maibor

Senior Benefits Boston
Scott Maibor

United States


We make Medicare easy but cutting through the noise and confusion!

Imagine meeting with a trusted advisor, in a private location, so that you can have the time and privacy necessary to discuss your unique situation and needs.

Our advisors take the time to explain the Medicare system to you, whether you are new to Medicare or have been on it for some time, so that everyone is on the same playing field and has up-to-date information.

We then confidentially discuss your needs, your budget, your concerns and determine

  1. What is the most cost effective way for you to proceed
  2. Still working? How does Medicare compare to your Employer’s plan
  3. What options provide you the most coverage at the lowest cost
  4. Are there any State or Federal programs for which you may qualify that will reduce your costs
  5. What plans do your CURRENT providers accept

Once we have that information our staff will perform an analysis and provide you with 2 or more options from which to choose.

We will also help you, when desired, enroll in your selected plan.

There is NEVER a charge or obligation to meet with a representative. Our reps provide unbiased recommendations THAT COST THE EXACT SAME AS IF YOU WENT DIRECTLY TO THE CARRIER. You never pay more for unbiased advice...so why wouldn’t you?

We are dedicated to teaching people how Medicare works in easy, straight forward, jargon and acronym free language so that you, the Medicare Beneficiary, can make an educated decision on the best plan options to you in the most cost effective manner possible.

Healthcare will represent over 30% of expenditures in retirement! In order to make informed decisions you MUST understand the system and make educated choices.

We are happy to help!

Our representatives are AHiP Certified and Insurance licensed in the Commonwealth of MA. This means that you are not only sitting with someone who has passed the rigorous AHiP certification that MUST be renewed annually but also are licensed by the state to explain Health plans.

We work with multiple carriers to enable us to provide unbiased advice and have NO prejudices towards any one carrier or type of plan over any another.

Contact us today to have your questions answered or to schedule a no-cost appointment to review your options in an unpressured and unrushed environment by a licensed professional without prejudice.