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The working environment for you and your employees is critical. Good office space has a multitude of benefits for both employers and employees; It will improve staff morale and productivity together with business performance. An office space to be proud of will also give off the right impression to visiting clients and business partners. Here are some tips you can follow to make the most of and improve your office space for yourself, staff, and visitors. 

Improved signage and branding

Your company sign or logo represents you and your business and It should be…



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Welcome to the July edition of Inside Edge. Our monthly blog posts to help business owners, founders and marketing professionals keep up with the latest trends in digital marketing. Aveli By WSI wants to help take your digital marketing strategies to the next level. 




What does disaster data recovery mean? This term describes the method businesses use to regain access to stored information after a disruptive event. Any event, like a cyberattack, ransomware, a natural disaster, or even something new like the Covid-19 pandemic. When data is lost, businesses can employ a variety of methods for their disaster data recovery plan. 


How does disaster data recovery work? …

Helping new employees to settle in is always essential, but it can be more difficult to do this with remote employees. This year, more companies are recruiting remote staff, so may find themselves trying to onboard employees they have never met face-to-face and who will not come to the office for quite a while. As a manager, it is very important that you make people feel welcome and part of the team. Here’s how you can support a new remote employee.  


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As business owners, we often worry about what our business rivals are doing?


Those 'what if' fears come into play.


What if they steal away our customers?

What if they do something to hinder our reputation?

What if they make more money than we do?


These worries are all…

In the current business environment, image is everything. There are many ways you can use to reach out to prospective and existing customers. Accordingly, social media and the internet have offered an avenue for businesses to get their message out and for customers to get more information about products. Sometimes, this may not be a good thing for businesses. 




 A Note From The Editor:

      With the current job market being an " employee"  market, acquiring and retaining talent is on the forefront of every employer's mind.  Offering and communicating a stellar benefit package is essential to navigating…

As a business, you are responsible for providing a certain standard to all of your clients. The problem with this is that often you rely on other businesses to be able to do this. For example, you might need someone to bring you the equipment so that you can head out and complete a job. As such, you need to make sure that you have a supplier you can count on. In this article, we’re going to be looking at three of the signs that you need to change your supplier, so if you would like to find out more, keep reading down below.


Automation technology is being utilized in so many different areas of business. The ability to use programmable software and hardware that works independently means that you can reduce staff costs. It’s especially useful in manufacturing operations because it cuts the number of people you need on the floor, reduces the chance of human error and improves consistency, and allows you to keep your operation up and running for longer periods of time. 

Whether you sell your products to consumers or other businesses, the packaging that you use makes a big difference. Your product packaging makes your products more attractive and can have an impact on brand recognition and growth too. You might not give a lot of thought to your product packaging at first, but you can soon realize that it's more important than you imagined. Packaging is the first thing that many people see, whether they're buying your products online or picking them up off a shelf. There are some excellent reasons to pay close attention to your…