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Level up your digital brand with professional headshots and a social media audit with a local experts on Tuesday, March 19 · 10am - 2pm EDT at FLEXHUB 383 Central Avenue Dover, NH 03820


Looking to level up (or create) your social media brand?

Whether you’re a bookkeeper who loves her cats, or an executive professional who prefers polos to a suit and tie, showing up…


Partnering with an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) that adheres to industry best practices can significantly enhance your company's operational efficiency, employee retention, and bottom line. Here's how an MSP can transform your business landscape:

Aligning Technology with Business Goals: An MSP understands your business needs and expectations, tailoring technology solutions to align with your…


Eloisa Marquez-Gonzalez

Eloisa Marquez-Gonzalez

Helping Tech companies deliver products faster and with greater impact || Release faster, Retain customers, Realize…

Raising children and worrying about the next generation is a huge challenge for parents as they work to balance life's financial and household needs. As parents myself, now a grandparent, the answer is yes, 100% we want the best for our children, regardless of their age and stature in life. We want them to know we LOVE them. But at what expense, emotionally and financially? 

One area in particular, higher education, specifically college enrollment,…

Northern Bank loves the communities we serve and on Valentine’s Day, we’ll be spreading the love by buying coffee!

We will be visiting Last Corner Restaurant, 49 High Street Reading MA.  

Hope to see you there! #communitybank  #localpartner



There’s one thing you can be sure about your metabolism – it’s always changing. I often hear women over 50 tell me that they used to have a fast metabolism and now they can’t eat anything without gaining weight. Or, that everything they used to do when they were younger has simply stopped working.

So what happened? Did your metabolism slow down so much that you’ll never be able to lose weight? Did you “…

How The Internet Can Help To Grow Your Business 


Business owners today are in a very lucky position compared to business owners in the past, and that’s generally down to just one thing - the internet. If you can remember far back enough, before the internet existed or at least before it became such an important part of many people’s lives, you might realise just how difficult it was to start a business, run a business and, crucially, grow a business. The reach just wasn’t there in the same way as it is today, and that meant a lot more work, and often, it would be a case…

Need a better office solution? We have a new co-working space that has just opened in Dover! Located at 383 Central Avenue in Dover. Email [email protected] to set up a tour or to request a free day pass to check it




Retirement Insights for January 2024

A senior man engaged in a conversation with his financial advisor while seated at a table.

Preparing for Longevity

The landscape of aging is changing. Researchers…

8 Risk Mitigation Strategies For Your Business


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Many business owners agree that it's nearly impossible to eliminate all risks when making crucial financial decisions for their companies. Even when you lack information or face an uncertain future, choices still need to be made. For instance,…