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Cantella & Co., Inc Member FINRA/SIPC
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Kevin Willett by doing the right thing you tend to get the same things back.

Last week I had a friend ask for a referral. When she called the person I suggested, their phone wasn’t working. When she told me, I sent them a message so that they could get the problem fixed. My friend sent me a nice message thanking me for going out of my way to refer him and tell him about his phone. I have to admit I chuckled when I saw his message, because to me it was no big deal and the right thing to do. Sadly not everyone would have taken the time to reach out to him. When you are faced with…


 We value our business partners and want to offer 8 hours of work on us!



Peggy Connolly is a patient advocate for seniors who do not have anyone else or no loved ones living close by. She acts as an extra set of eyes & ears at doctors visits along with providing safe, reliable transportation to and from appointments. She helps coordinate the day to day aspects of senior living including appts at hair salon, barber, nail salon; pick up prescriptions at pharmacy and help sort out medications for the week as well as reconciling medication list on a regular basis. She also does food shopping and can prepare meals ahead for someone alone and not able to cook for…

Private offices available in an office suite located just off Route 114 in North Andover. Attorney's office is looking for independent lawyers with specialties in estate planning, personal injury, worker's compensation, criminal law, landlord/tenant etc. The attorneys who are already sharing space focus on bankruptcy, family law, civil litigation and real estate. Referrals, cross mentoring and camaraderie work very nicely! Excellent references are rquired.

For attorneys looking for just a conference room for meetings with clients, space is also available. Use of conference room,…

Kevin Willett agrees with the song that says “we get by with a little help from our friends”

I find many business owners are often hesitant to ask for help and waste a lot of time and energy trying to figure out things that our friends could help us with. Or worse, we simply don’t do things to grow our business because we don’t know how and we are too embarrassed to ask. One thing I have learned is, if you want to grow your business, as some point in time, you will need to ask for help. You must accept that you are not an expert in all areas of business. There is nothing wrong with…

Kim Carpentier of Valley Credit Builders can help business owners build their Business Credit Profile so they can get approved for business credit and access funding for their business, whether they have good or bad personal credit. He will work with you and help you build your Business Credit Profile so you can secure $50,000 in Business Credit.

Small Business owners are frustrated when it comes to getting business credit to grow their businesses. Throughout the 40 years of successful business ownership and management, Kim has developed a first hand understanding of the…

Kevin Willett reminds you not to take a narrow view on networking.

Last week I invited a person to attend my networking events because there were a few people attending that particular event, that work in his industry, who I thought would be good contacts for him. He responded by asking me if they needed his services? I said I am not sure and there is no way to know until you meet them. I reminded him that just because they are in your industry doesn’t mean they will absolutely choose to do business with you. You need to build a relationship with them.

Sadly, I see people…

Kevin Willett says it’s not cool to be disrespectful

Have you ever been at a networking event and the person you are talking to is scanning the room to see who else is there? Have you ever had someone interrupt you in the middle of your conversation to go speak to someone else? I call this Cool Kid Syndrome. Sometimes people will only speak to you until someone cooler comes along. Please don’t do this! It is very disrespectful and it will hurt your brand.  Nobody likes to fee disrespected or uncool.

I sometimes have trouble paying attention to people so I try to position…

Kevin Willett says to surround yourself with people who will help you make an impact

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that “we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with”. I think this is one of the most important quotes I have read because it is so true. Think about the people you know who are successful, I bet they hang out with other successful people right? How about the people you know who are negative? Who are they hanging out with? Probably other negative people. I want you to stop reading for a moment and think about the 5…