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"Helping clients understand their options and achieve their goals are what make my job so rewarding. Every client is unique, so together we can develop a personalized approach that meets today's needs and tomorrow's as well."

Solutions to fit your needs.

Here to help you plan for today and tomorrow.

With so many options and complex information, making financial decisions isn’t easy. Jon will …


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Smart technology (also known as ‘internet of things’ or ‘IoT’) is a means of connecting various devices and machines using the internet. Back in the 90s, personal computers were the only everyday devices that were connected to the internet. Nowadays, mobile phones and TVs and heating systems and cars are all connected to the internet. This allows all of these devices to interact with one another…

It can be difficult when building up your business. You'll face new difficulties as your business expands, including managing more employees, protecting networks and systems, and securing sensitive data. Don't let these challenges prevent you from achieving success. Here are some suggestions to help you accomplish your objectives while maintaining high security standards.


1. Invest in the Right Security Solutions:

It's essential to defend your company from malware and ransomware threats. By spending money on cybersecurity solutions that suit the size and…


Image Strategy Session: 

Personalized 1 hour deep dive review of your company's visual content on websites & social media. Learn how to maximize consumer impact through your imagery and take your brand to the next level.

What we cover:

In your session we look at what has & hasn't worked for you thus far, what your goals are, and provide…

The term "Workplace Wellness" comes up often nowadays, but what does it really mean? Join us for this free training to learn more!

Simple Ways To Improve Employee Morale




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As a business owner, having an engaged and motivated workforce is key to running a successful enterprise. Fostering employee support in the workplace can go far in improving job satisfaction, employee retention rates, and employee morale. This blog will present simple yet effective strategies on how to foster worker…


With over 28 years of flooring experience, Chuck Marich and his team at Modular Flooring will provide you with the best options based on your budget and what you need and like. They buy direct from the manufacturers to cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to you. Pricing is competitive with the big box stores and home centers. Most times, They even beat their pricing and provide better quality products. Their in-house…


Roger is CEO of BNMC. Roger has extensive experience managing information technology, information services, administration, operations and client relationships for large and small service providers. Since 1992, Roger has used his engineering and business background to lead dynamic teams to develop and support technical solutions in fast growing businesses.

"We're in this business to help other small and mid-sized businesses grow…


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There's no denying that retail footfall has taken a hit in recent years. However, current forecasts indicate a 4-6% rise in retail sales for 2023. To make the most of all of the retail opportunities available to you, you must ensure you are giving all customers the best experience possible. This will ensure that they want to return time and time again.

Customer service is not something, and…

Do you feel as though your eCommerce business is struggling? If so then now is the time for you to make a change. If you do not take action now, then you may find your sales end up declining even more and this is the last thing you need.  Ready to get started? Take a look below.


Lack of Traffic


You can’t make sales if you aren’t generating traffic. It’s not enough for you to set up your store and sit there while the sales roll in. You have to be proactive and you also need to create a buzz about your brand.  Social media platforms are…