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Businesses all over the world have had to adapt quickly to operating in a global pandemic. From allowing employees to work from home to adapting your operations to allow a remote service, these decisions will have helped to secure your business at a time when others might not have been so lucky.


While some changes have been necessary to keep businesses running, the pandemic has allowed opportunities to introduce new products and services, helping to grow businesses in a way that wasn’t possible before.


There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this…

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When your products reach your customers on time, you can guarantee a positive reaction to your company. Good word of mouth will spread and there is every chance you will benefit from new and returning customers. This is why it's important to focus on efficiency. It's a word that should be at the heart of everything you do in business, but…

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Right now, more people than ever are deciding to become their own boss and set up their own business. This isn’t all too surprising. At the end of the day, the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has seen a huge number of people lose their jobs or experience severe cases of job insecurity. Many hae seen the businesses they work…

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What is an entrepreneur? Is it someone who knows how to boss people around or is it someone who is chameleon-esque in nature? An entrepreneur can see opportunities and create the relevant structures in order to pursue it. And when we are looking to develop ourselves in an entrepreneurial sense we may find that we don't have that…

As a business owner, you are naturally want to find every feasible way to keep your business running costs down. One of the biggest expenses that you may find yourself with is that of running your business fleet, whether that is a fleet of company cars, custom work trucks or heavy good vehicles. It is thought that on average, a fleet ends up being the second or third largest expense a business faces. It makes sense to look at the ways you can save some money. 


Here, we look at some of the things that you may want to consider.


Image is everything when you are trying to achieve success in the world of business, and this is something that you need to think about as much as possible. There are a lot of factors that play a part in helping you to achieve this, and you have to work out the best ways of boosting and improving company image. Now, there are a lot of things you can keep in mind that will help you achieve this and take the business forward. 



Kyle Battis is Founding partner and President of NH STRATEGIC MARKETING, LLC located in Concord NH. 

Kyle and his team understand the importance of results driven decisions when it comes to investing in your business. Everything they do for  clients is based on the outcomes – not the effort. You may be wondering how they are different from other local digital marketing agencies? This graphic from the NH Strategic Marketing…

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For most business owners, the truth is going to be that most of your time and money is going to be tied up in running your business. However, in order to secure your future and make sure you have some financial protection in the event of things going south, you want to diversify where your money is tied up. Here, we’re going to look at where you might want to consider investing outside of your own business.


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If you own or rent an office, keeping it secure should be a priority. If equipment or information is stolen/damaged, it could have costly repercussions. 

Most people know the basics of office security, but some threats can be overlooked. Below are a few questions you may want to ask yourself to determine just how secure your office really…