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In any business, you are frequently going to need to hire employees. And when you do, you have to make sure that you are doing so in the best way possible. In other words, you need to know about all the necessary steps you need to take, and due diligence you need to go through, in order to make sure you are doing it right. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the major examples of these, to help you ensure you are approaching the matter of hiring people in the right way.


Let’s be honest; the digital age has brought loads of perks. You can Zoom from your couch, meet clients while still in your PJs, and send out a tweet to thousands in seconds. But as every seasoned entrepreneur knows, not everything about the online space is golden. Let’s chat about why it might be worth stepping out from behind that computer screen and shaking some hands in the real world.

There are many things you need to protect your business from, but one thing that you hope not to have to deal with is dishonest employees. While many employees simply want to do their jobs well, there is always a risk of unscrupulous employees who want to take advantage of your business. There are also risks from employees who might not mean any harm but who can accidentally cause problems with the mistakes that they make. So how can you prevent these issues from happening and protect your business from your employees?


You can take steps at various stages, from the moment…

The College to Career Season is On
College to career planning begins even before the drop of leaves and the shift in the winds. Summer closes, and the seriousness of the Fall returns to households and all who support the education-seeking student. This year, by all indications, will be another fun and exciting experience. To help, I'm flying above the crowd to identify what's on the radar. 


Calming the Waters


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If you want to plan an event that your attendees won’t forget any time soon, then here’s what you need to know. 


Know the Purpose of Your Event


The first thing you need to do is understand the general purpose of your event. When you decide that hosting an event is what you want to do, you then need to find out what you expect from it. This is the best way for you to identify your target audience, as well as being able to document what goals you’d like to achieve. Rather than thinking of your event as being corporate and nothing more, you…

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Enhanced customer security has never been easier as consumer-facing apps and tools become more powerful yet easier to use. This helps eliminate liability on your end and ensures customers can feel safe. From governance to VPNs, here are a few secure suggestions.

Make the Most of Encryption

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Entering the dramatic other side of things: the business world of theatre can be quite the challenge, but with the right approach, anything is possible. It can also be an exciting and rewarding experience, don’t even mention one of the most rewarding industries you’ll ever explore. As a future theatre owner, you have the amazing opportunity to create an environment that showcases the talent and creativity of the arts while also making it a profiting job. This isn’t an industry for the faint of heart. So, here’s a thorough guide to help you understand the nuances and give you the confidence…

The Law Offices of Kimberly Butler Rainen•Andover, MA is currently seeking a remote Attorney


We are actively searching for a REMOTE attorney who can work closely with our staff and our awesome clients to help them through their estate planning or administration. This person performs legal services including legal research; designing, drafting, and implementing comprehensive estate plans, crafting and implementing estate tax and long-term care planning strategies, administering probate and trust estates, and occasionally appearing on behalf of and advocating for…